Radioactivity has so many positive purposes in life: nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, cancer treatment, sources for quality control, development of pharmaceuticals, research tools….our society benefits hugely by harnessing the properties of radioactive material.

Once no longer required, redundant radioactive material should be managed both safely and locally. Where an affordable solution is not available locally, there will normally be a solution internationally. Someone else has encountered your challenge before and created a safe and affordable solution for it.

Olenian’s role in life is to help radioactive treatment service providers and the owners of radioactive residues with disposal challenges find each other and organise safe, secure and affordable processing solutions. We always favour recycling and re-use to minimise the amount of radioactive waste requiring disposal. This is good for the environment, cheaper for our society and good business sense.

  • Olenian was formed in July 2015
  • Led by two executives experienced in European recycling projects
  • Specialists in nuclear and radioactive waste, 35+ years’ experience
  • UK-based, working with clients across Europe

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